PRINCESS - Peatland Rewetting In Nitrogen-Contaminated Environments:
Synergies & trade-offs between biodiversity, climate, water quality & Society

Work packages

PRINCESS is organized around seven work packages (WPs), of which WP2-WP6 are designed to cover all relevant scales (see below). Each WP considers biodiversity values, GHG emission reduction, N loads and the three land use options for rewetted peatlands but has a different focus within or between the indicators. With change in scale, also the proxy used for the indicator can change, e.g. for the indicator ‘biodiversity values’ from microbial diversity (WP2-4) and vegetation diversity (WP3-4) to key faunal diversity (WP4) and ecosystem diversity (WP5-6), and for the indicator ‘GHG emission reduction’ from measured single gas fluxes (WP2-4) to site-specific emission factors GEST (WP5) and IPCC default.


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