CLEARANCE - CircuLar Economy Approach to River pollution by Agricultural Nutrients with use of Carbon-storing Ecosystems

Team members

University of Warsaw, Faculty of Biology, Poland

Prof. Dr hab. Wiktor Kotowski

Project Leader

Leader of work Package 7
Wetland restoration, wetland ecology, vegetation productivity & management

Fon: +48 (0)2255 26528

Dr Ewa Jabłońska

Work package 7

Vegetation ecology, biogeochemistry & spatial analysis

Dr Marta Wiśniewska

Project coordination & work package 7

Ecosystem services & cost benefit analysis

University of Warsaw, Warsaw Ecological Economics Centre, Poland

Dr Marek Giergiczny

Leader of work package 5

Non-market valuation

Sviataslau Valasiuk

Work package 5

Non-market valuation

Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland

Dr Mateusz Grygoruk

Leader of work Package 4

Wetlands hydrology & modelling

Dr Paweł Marcinkowski

Work package 2 & 4

Wetlands hydrology & modelling, GIS

Dr hab Mikołaj Piniewski

Work package 4

Wetlands hydrology & modelling, GIS

Dr hab Dorota Mirosław-Świątek

Work package 4

Wetlands hydrology & modelling

M Sc Paweł Osuch

Work package 4 & 7

Wetlands hydrology & modelling, GIS


University of Greifswald, Germany

Dr. Wendelin Wichtmann

Leader of work Package 3, project coordination Germany
Paludiculture & biomass utilisation
Fon: +49 (0)3834 8354216

Claudia Oehmke

Work package 3

Paludiculture, biomass utilisation & nutrient retention

Dr Rafael Ziegler

Leader of work package 6

Water ethics, innovation studies & sustainable science

Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Dr Christian Fritz

Work package 3

Paludiculture, peat & biomass

Dr Jeroen Geurts

Work package 1,3 & 7

Paludiculture, nutrient removal & wetlands

Aarhus University, Denmark

Dr Carl C. Hoffmann

Leader of work package 2

Wetland hydrology, biogeochemistry & restoration

Søren Erik Larsen

Work package 2

Wetlands, statistical analysis and modelling

Dr Hans Thodsen

Work package 2

Wetlands, hydrological and nutrient dynamic modells

Ane Kjeldgaard

Work package 2

GIS analysis

Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries, Germany

Dr Dominik Zak

Leader of work package 1

Wetland nutrient removal, biogeochemistry & water pollution

Craig Walton

Work package 1

Wetland hydrology, phosphorus fractions & nutrient transport


Michael Bender

Work package 6

Social studies

Janko Lenz

Work package 6

Economic analysis

Marika Holtorff

Work package 6

Tobias Schäfer

Work package 6

Vlatko Vilovic

Work package 6

Anja Kiesow Work package 6  

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